Feverish Delusions, Part II

January 13, 2018

Yeah, so... I mean, the transcript says it all (one of my interns transcribes these):



Kushner: ...iginally I was at Sing Sing, the state prison you know, because of course I'd been convicted on state crimes.  [unintelligible] of that.


But in 2025 I was convicted of treason, which - that's a federal crime.  And I come from - well my ex-wife, obviously she's what's left of her family, and everyone -- I mean, I won't argue, when people say "the Kushner crime family," because look, yeah, we're, quote, "criminals," and obviously the Trumps too, times ten. So, when I see the "Jared Go Back To Russia" I mean...  The banners, you know, which I see on [unintelligible]...


Of course I think what my former father-in-law did was a crime; the courts agreed.  He was a deeply, deeply stupid man.  Who believed that he wasn't just a "genius" but a "super-genius."  Well... of course he could read, but I imagine he read at about second-grade [unintelligible].


He was misunderstood.  Most Americans thought that he was merely senile or ignorant [unintelligible] white-trash or whatever.  He was of course all of those things.  But [unintelligible] was so, so much worse.


Interviewer (identity unknown): [unintelligible] any sense at all that he was putting the - well, the enrichment of himself above the security and even the existence of the country?


Kushner: To be honest, to try to explain it to you or to people on the outside... You don't understand how the world works.  You don't [unintelligible] talks and bullshit walks.


Interviewer: And did [unintelligible] all?


Kushner: No.  His strength as a leader was that he didn't he lacked compassion and empathy utterly, and he lacked a soul.  So he was able to make the tough decisions.  So with Korea, I mean, with both of them, gone, his attitude was - he actually said - "look, there's like ten thousand of them, right?  So what's two less, okay?"  Plus he was going to use the nukes.  If not on North Korea then... wherever, but he was dead-set on that.


Interviewer: ...Ten thousand what?


Kushner:  Countries.  He didn't - he thought there were a lot more countries than there were. The man - look, so the man was a fucking moron, right?  "Dementia Donnie" - sure, that was obvious to anyone with a brain-stem.  The only people who didn't see that after a while were the retards who still supported him after L.A.  "My twenty-seven," is what he called them: the twenty-seven percent, in the Rasmussen poll, who still thought that he was capable of running the United States.  Christ, he hated them - "my fucking retards" is another thing he called them, but they kept him in office for as long as they did in...  It's hard to explain; a love/hate thing.  He [unintelligible]  I'm just a pretend-[unintelligible].  He was a pig and he was proud of it. And the losers and inbreds who voted for him loved him for it too. [unintelligible]


Just.  Sayin'.


This post is part of the "Feverish Delusions" series, in which Dan's Domain! documents RF from over the GC horizon.




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