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About Dan Jorgensson


Dan has been actively involved in the TAI community since 1997. He was one of the principal organizers of the seminal "Bancroft Meetings" in the summer of 1998. Along with Kenneth Andrews, he formulated much of what, today, we call "BRTP"; he was also a leading advocate for PPR-9 compatibility in the transport layer, seeing, when few others did, that while X99-based relays did the job, they didn't do it well, and wouldn't be able to do it all in the event of even a minor Esselstyn-Fairfax event.

Throughout his undergraduate career, he continued to be intimately involved in the development of the temporally agnostic internet; as a junior, he wrote the first functional Bancroft client, HoTSurf, an HTS-compatible web client adapted illegally from the NCSA Mosaic codebase. When HTS (and its brain-dead cousin HT4) proved not to be up to the task of even the simplest P-5 relay operations, Dan opted to start from scratch on a new client which was released as WormSurf 1.0 in early 1999.

Since then, he has remained a staunch advocate of all things Bancroft, with a particular focus on nightskying and related skim/skip techniques. He also plays a lot of Minecraft.

Facebook: WormsurfDan

Twitter: @WormsurfDan

Instagram: jorgenssondan

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