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WormSurf v9 ("Hibiscus") is the fastest, most stable, most secure, most versatile WormSurf yet. While the focus of Hibiscus development has been to enhance the existing POD/PAD engine (a new A4/A preterpreter; a completely rebuilt interpret/exterpret subsystem which now runs directly on the stack; vastly improved Anderton/Livermore lookups and lookdowns; etc.), we have not neglected the crowd-pleasers either. As such, you'll see entropic fissuring, semantic preponders, CRM-114 support (partially implemented in v8) as well as additional CRM-X support (see below), etc. Details:

  • R-54 attractors now run natively on systems which permit interplex/exterplex transactions

  • Pedantic attenuation, previously implemented only in low-level libraries, now exposes its own API, allowing third-party extension developers programmatic control of MEAT flags

  • Pontix compatibility fully implemented for all synchronous G-type reciprocators (based on the third-party "PCG-R" libs)

  • Surfex, a new macro-scripting pseudolanguage, is exposed for testing (administrators only).

  • ZX81 port. The long-awaited port of WormSurf to the ZX81 (16K add-on module required) is in beta! Given RAM constraints of the Sinclair ZX81 (also marketed in the U.S. as the Timex-Sinclair 1000), this port lacks traditional image support; likewise, in place of a GUI is a more traditional command-line interface. There is also no support for pedantic attenuation, usefulness, twiplet-related operations, application stability, STellA internodes, and literally dozens of other features.

  • Full STellA internodal support, previously supported only via extensions, and only partially. STA cross-node PN/P is now seamless to the end-user, and is also precertified as a G-type component (necessary for CRM-114 support).

  • Revamped northsky-sidebander support. While previous versions of WormSurf supported Centix and Centix-like pseudonodules (e.g. DR/M-12 and DR/M-13 agents), this support came at the expense of full RadiKS compatibility, because most sidebanders bound as VOMs to the same Lancaster portals that the RadiKS preponders preemptively CLAIMed (and UNBINDs to resolve this often resulted in instability in Willis). With v9, sidebanders (northsky and other, future, flavors) burrow directly into the core sphere at runtime.

  • Nicer fonts.

  • SVG RendeRX improvements. Factorials including base-16 overruns and underruns have been isolated and condemned, resulting in better RRX and, just as important, improved throughput and interput benchmarks.

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