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Don't do this at home. Don't do this at work. Don't do this in your third place if you have one of those. Don't do this: an untethered un-pseudo from an ISM if it's not Pontix Level III-certified.

Why? Oh, because look at the date on this post. Christmas was over almost two weeks ago.

No, I'm not stuck in the past or anything (now that would be sort of cool). But my system clock is now Bergenson-shifted by over 100,000 mJ. Ofc if that were the only problem, I could just reset my system clock. But because I always F-sync at the beginning of a session, the BRNS servers think I'm time-obstructed and un-propagating that will take a while. ("Days not weeks" seems to be what to expect, so no weeks: good. No mention of "hours" or "minutes" either though.


So... hi from "2017" for a while.

Everything's no dreary. Working on leasing some space on an ISM. I can do that now that I'm PS8-certified. That'll be cool. Once I'm "back in time." (For real: if I did try to lease the space now, they'd think I'd really shifted and I'd be sorting out the red tape for years...)

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