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PD/Rs and You

Lots of talk these days about the environmental/health/etc. impact of PD/Rs (including Hammond-Estetico Series VIIs, OScaR towers and Allurion 5-5C superscaffolds). I'm not an expert on these, but it sure seems to me like much ado about nothing (extra credit of you can identify whom I'm quoting there).

But don't ask me; ask Menudo Milosevic, the kid who was in the news for a bit because he was born with part of his brain on the outside of his head. Well, guess what: he lives less than half a mile from one of the largest PD/Rs in the country (the Anders-Colfax 559/E Loadmaster outside of Albuquerque) and he says it doesn't bother him at all. (So, don't actually ask him; he's already answered your question. Plus he can't speak like a normal person and anyway he lacks ears.)

I mean, chill out, people. When it comes down to it, PD/Rs are simply high-tension wires, but with extraordinarily high voltages running though them, nothing more.

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