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What's All This, Then?

Have you ever wondered why nightsky downput seems a bit sluggish in the summer, when - you'd think - the opposite would be true? Do you keep a Google spreadsheet of your "favorite" BSAT-3's? Do you dream about CRM-114 certification? If so, you're not alone. But for all practical purposes, you really are. (Alone.)

...Or are you? Well: perhaps you were, but you're not anymore - or, not for long, and not if you point your RSS reader to Dan's Domain! at your very early convenience. In the Domain, we live this stuff, and we love it: R-54 attractors? Yes, please. Pedantic attenuation as part of a larger strategy to mitigate blue-shifted NHEM packetstorms? Why, thank you! Adaptive Pelletier disambiguation, because why not? Why not!

Why not, indeed. Here in our little corner of the time-agnostic TTF Level II network, we will discuss these topics and then we will discuss them again; after that, we will discuss them some more. When were done discussing them some more, we'll move on from (for example) the origins of the core Bancroftprotocols to (for example) whether or not the Berkeley Options really are the best choice for all D-configs. (Spoiler alert: they are! But you'll have to stick around to learn why.)

So please do stick around. Dan's Domain! is open 365 days per terrestrial year, so we'll see you soon. Until we do, look out for those phantom P/22-R gammas!

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