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Feverish Delusions, Part I

So Geoff McBride, head of the DSTA and longtime skeptic on the subject of temporally agnostic networking ("read my lips, it won't work, period" - that guy), wants to make sure the world knows that "feverish delusions" afflict people like me (he mentions me by name) who believe wormbridges can receive RF from beyond Grant-Chapin horizons and thus, potentially, from the future.

There is, in theory, nothing to prevent this phenomenon. There are practical reasons to think that GCs are effectively "opaque" (for reasons too convoluted to discuss here, but you're not missing much) and thus, as a practical matter, impenetrable entities through which we'll never hear anything. (I use the phrase "hear anything" broadly: by it, I mean, "receive any RF.")

But here's the thing: we're heard stuff. RF is RF; we understand it extremely well: either you tune into a specific frequency and receive something, or you don't (or, more specifically, you hear static). Yes, it's conceivable that "static" could, in fact, be "something," just something we don't know how to listen to. But the opposite doesn't work: if you hear something, on some frequency, that is not static, then guess what: you've heard something. And if you were listening in front of a Grant-Chapin horizon and heard signal, not noise, then guess what: you heard something through that GC; specifically, you heard something from beyond the GC horizon.

And because we understand wormholes well enough to understand that they may connect us to far-off locations in spacetime (that is, distant places or distant times, that is, potentially far into the past or far into the future), when we here (for example) in interview with a very old Beyonce, we can be reasonably sure that we're "hearing the future" through the GC, i.e. through a wormhole, i.e. across a wormbridge, i.e. as a side-effect of traversing the temporally agnostic internet. (Folks: we call it the "temporally agnostic internet," for God's sake.)

So, this "Feverish Delusions" series of posts is here to document the "delusions" I have deluded my feverishly deluded self into taking at face value. Starting with the Beyonce interview I heard, which I already described here.

Sorry; I'm just a little tired of hearing from professional skeptics (whose skepticism has clouded their ability to reason) that this or that thing does not occur when I have observed the thing to occur.

This post is part of the "Feverish Delusions" series, in which Dan's Domain! documents RF from over the GC horizon.

Note: it's not December 29th and it's not 2017; I have yet to become unstuck in time. It's Thursday, January 12, 2018. Laugh it up, fuckheads.

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