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So What?

The new Halderton 12-10-12 PODder is getting finishing touches before going live by (probably) the end of the year. And my thought about that is... who cares? Why does the scientific press have an eternal man-crush on Halderton Industries? I'm just at a loss. Yes, it's nice that we'll have another double-twelver to supplement the 73 that are already online and not going anywhere.

Sorry for the rant. It's just that with so much actually, really existing stuff going on in this area (the new R66 intercyclers from Baretta-Elsinore? Speaking of BE, how about their truly lovely - and twiplet-friendly - POD/PAD interlacers? Or, god forbid, anything Pontix-related? Like their new transom imploders?)

Sorry for the rant about the rant... In other news, a little bird landed on my windowsill the other day and told me that Harkness is coming out with some 15-12-15's in Q4. Hmmmmm...

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