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Red Suede Shoes

So, an interesting paper discussing spectroscopic redshifts. The authors conducted a two-layered spectroscopic survey in the HUDF and compared those to high-redshift galaxies. This has to be at least the tenth paper I've read on this topic this year, and it looks like solid work. And they've released their line flux catalog along with their findings, which isn't necessary, but a courtesy which tends to "pay it forward," as it were.

But what's odd to me - completely baffling, really - is the lack of similar work focused in any way on blueshifted phenomena of any kind at all. There was Pearson and Schiller's work on Ellison plasma back in July and... That's it. At least as far as I've seen, and I try to stay on top of the research. And the frustrating thing is that there's so much excellent raw material. And so many cavernous areas ripe for this sort of research. For example, when Ben Simpson and I were working up the draft designs for the PPR-5 relays that ended up being deployed deep in the Petersen Conduits (yes, yes, the irony is rich; we know this; we know...), we encountered some pleasing and yet troubling abstractions both in the ATP tier and the McPherson pseudo-spheres. But try as we might (and oh, did we try; Ben in particular hit the pavement - not literally, of course, but still - to absolutely no avail), nothing: no interest at all from the academy. Or for that matter, the F-labs or DDRs.

Any why, you ask? My theory is that there's some subtle (or perhaps not so subtle) redshiftist thinking at work. Blueshift work simply suffers, simply doesn't get the same attention as something - anything - with "red" in the title (or the subtitle, or the abstract, or, or, or) and I don't understand why. The Hammerstein blueshifters we're using more and more of at pre-horizon recapacitors: best thing since sliced bread. Or at least, sliced raisin bread. The problem: we know that they work but we have no idea why. An area ripe for a paper or two, wouldn't one think? Apparently not, if one is a redshiftist bigot. (I use the word "bigot" half-jokingly. But only half. I mean: Leighton endofibers alone - no interest? Wow. Clough's unfinished work on Level IV anticiprocators in NV conditions: just not interested? Okay... Okay! Okay.)

The world won't fall off its axis without work like this. But it sure would be great if someone, anyone, were interested in funding this sort of work.

Here endeth the lesson. And the rant.

Yes, I'm still Framptonized into last year: today is in fact Friday, January 12, 2018...

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