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"Enhanced BRT Syndication (EBRTS)" is, for sure, the mouthful du jour in the world of BRTPS networking, but all it really means is, "enhancing Bancroft-style BRTPS clients and their underlying centracast mechanisms such that artifacts sometimes associated with Bancroft connectivity are successfully propagated using all online R-5R conduits, including the Petersen Conduits, obviously."

And there is, hands down, no better EBRTS snap-in than ErnieBerts to accomplish that mouthful.

I was part of the SDX working group which advocated for many features that made it into the final ErnieBerts: semantic purge/unpurge operations on the stack; full emulation of all MMR constructs, including Berkeley calibrations; support for (almost) all sideband-propagation operations during linear see-you-offs (e.g., Enderton twilight handshakes); terracore pseudo-burrowing; etc. And ErnieBerts has now been Pontix-certified and preterpreted into most Bancroftclients - including, of course, WormSurf, your favorite - such that the actual snap-in requires, literally, a Liam keystroke combo.

Anyway, I'm proud to have been a part of the working group, and also proud to give a little plug for our fledgling snap-in.

...Well so, go download it!

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